The Power of the Waves

The Concept

The concept of using slugs of air and water in a tube to generate electricity from waves is not novel. It has attracted patents attention in the Soviet Union, Russia, England, India and Sweden as well as with Jospa. But the concept alone is not sufficient for a good device: considerable starting energy is continuously needed to bring the water slugs up to the necessary speed to enter the tube. Jospa’s analogy is to consider a surfer. If he/she is travelling at a speed close to that of the wave, the surfer will ‘catch the wave’ and be carried forward. But if the speed is insufficient the wave will simply sweep by. The electrical induction motor is another analogy. It must run just slightly slower than the electromagnetic waves in the windings to apply power.
Jospa has designed manufactured tested and proven methods of producing this required ‘entry’ energy from the waves themselves. Too slow and the wave passes you by – at exactly the same speed (synchronous) is not feasible. There is a just right point – Jospa continues to research, test and graph it. We have high hopes that this will be the most survivable cost-effective way to produce energy from waves.

As well as a new partner we have other very exciting news – the ‘chuter’ that was developed to feed the waves is now shown to be an exciting WEC (Wave Energy Convertor) on its own – without the tube!

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