About us

The navigation headings above, left to right, show progression of our R&D leading to the Jospa Tug.

This website describes Jospa’s journey in wave energy. Aimed initially solely at generation of electricity, it includes three products/systems we are ready to license –VEPPI, Eite and PTO –while now our focus has changed to the Marine Transport sector with our invention of the exciting Jospa Tug. Following a period of conceptualizing and planning for a new wave energy technology, JOSPA Ltd. was established in September 2008 to develop the “Irish Tube Compressor” as a technology to provide grid-competitive electricity from wave power. The founders were Joss Fitzsimons and Patrick Duffy who had a track record of industrial success in years of working together. Since then Jospa has invented a number of promising new methods of harnessing wave power.  

In 2017 Jospa decided to concentrate on its recent invention, the Jospa Tug that will move massive loads across the oceans solely by wave power. This unique new zero-pollution zero-emissions transport can become the answer for major sectors of the marine transport industry. 

Jospa has an active patent policy giving strong protection for its developments. 


Joss Fitzsimons (Technical Director) is a mechanical engineering graduate of University College Dublin (UCD) with a history of technical development, design, project management, maintenance, plant optimization and patenting. Joss is highly inventive in a very practical wayand some of his patents are in use worldwide.

Patrick Duffy (Managing Director) is an electrical engineering graduate of UCD and a Fulbright scholar at U.Cal. (Berkeley) who has been a director in marketing and technical roles, as well as managing director and chairman of a number of companies in the UK and Ireland. He has experience in all continents.

Cyril Kerr (Director) graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in electronic engineering. He spent some years with Siemens in Germany before founding telemetry and SCADA company Datac in 1981. Datac acquired US company Realflex Technologies, became a world leader and was acquired by Texas-based Lufkin. Cyril invested in Jospa in 2014 and became a Director in 2018 when it was decided to concentrate on the Jospa Tug.