Rotational Rectifier

The target was to develop a Rotational Rectifier that would work better with an electric generator than typical high-inertia designs. Wave power is highly and almost instantaneously variable so the JOSPA Rotational Rectifier is a responsive low-inertia design to minimise problems with gears and damage to the generator.

This Rotational Rectifier adjusts immediately to speed variations and turns the oscillating power produced to a rectified unidirectional power suited to the application. It has an idler sprocket to take up any slack, a neat design that is always on the low-tension side for protection and longevity. The Rotational Rectifier is shown using a chain drive; a toothed belt is preferred in later versions. This enables the use of a higher speed generator with less mass, less copper, therefore less cost

If hit by a very big wave the rotor and generator would overspeed and could be damaged. The Rotational Rectifier, however, sheds load when that happens, the clutches idle so that the converter coasts down, not generating until the clutches re-engage.

Please view the video below for more information. Ensure that your loudspeakers are on.