VEPPI (Velocity Proportional Power Instrument)

2013-2014. Background

Having been frustrated a number of times in efforts to progress our R&D we were at a crossroads in development. We increasingly came to realize that there was a lack of understanding and appreciation of the practical difficulties of testing at small scale. Testing at small scale saves us all from the overwhelming costs of working at anything approaching full scale in the marine environment. As much progress as possible should be made at small scale where costs are but a small fraction of full scale, perhaps in the 10s of thousands rather than the10s of millions of €.  BUT, and it’s a very important BUT, testing at small scale is far more difficult and inherently leads to greater possibilities of inaccuracies. This hit Jospa forcibly more than once when those examining our work failed to take account of the effects of small scale, leading to major errors in their calculations and set-backs to our programme. 


Development of the power measuring system

Others with greater resources such as universities had tried before and not succeeded.  Having decided to divert resources, we were greatly assisted, and not for the first time, by advice from Prof. Stephen Salter, Professor Emeritus at Edinburgh University who outlined the important parameters that should be tracked.  We successful y developed instrumentation we call “VEPPI” for “Velocity Proportional Power Instrument, costing us almost 2 years diversion and some ‘treasure’,  and have used it successfully in testing a number of our efforts. VEPPI won us the EY/Enterprise Ireland IMERC Innovator of the Year award 2014.